Water Resource Management

The overall productivity of an aquatic environment is a function of the quality and quantity of the resource. Recognizing this relationship, Estsék’s water resource assessments include benthic macroinvertebrate population studies, fish and fish habitat assessments, and baseline water quality and quantity assessments for a variety of development projects including hydroelectric, oil and gas, and mining. Team members are familiar with current policies, regulations, and provincial and federal water quality guidelines.

Fish & Fish Habitat

Estsék’ has extensive experience planning, designing, and executing watershed level fish and fish habitat inventories. Our services include:

  • Population surveys and assessments
  • Backpack electrofishing
  • Watercourse crossing assessments
  • Pre and post-construction monitoring
  • Baseline Studies

Watercourse Assessments

Estsék’ has assessed and coordinated permitting processes, and we have conducted construction monitoring projects, of varying complexity in British Columbia – from routine clear span bridges to multi-kilometre interprovincial pipeline projects. Estsék’ assesses and plans each crossing in light of potential impacts, constraints and mitigation options on-site, and we tailor the design of crossings to each watercourse.

The Estsék’ team has experience delivering:

  • Water quality baseline studies
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Instream Flow Needs (IFN) analysis
  • Hydrometric assessments