Estsék’ Environmental Services LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership formed by Simpcw Resources LLP and Triton Environmental Consultants to provide environmental services within the territory of the Simpcw First Nation.
This partnership was formed as a result of over 20 years of collaborative work experience between the Simpcw First Nation and Triton, and our geographic location allows us to provide effective delivery of services within the North Thompson and Upper Fraser River corridors.

Estsék’ is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals and technical staff specializing in environmental management, resource ecology, water resource management, resource planning, environmental auditing, vegetation and wildlife science, and resource assessment. Consistent with current resource development initiatives, Estsék’ is committed to building relationships within local communities while providing direct employment and training for Simpcw First Nation and other community members.

Estsek’ is committed to providing opportunities for community members to be involved in various aspects of projects within the territory while developing their technical skills and building professional capacity. Estsek’ provides environmental management and other services to:

  • Clients in the oil and gas industries
  • Municipal, provincial and federal agencies
  • Independent power producers
  • The forestry, mining, transmission and transportation sectors